I had no idea there were kland forums

Now I do. I was looking for the buckets when I found this forum.
Oh god, kland just got cancerous.
Gosh. Why are you all so mean? Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you have to treat them like . Gosh. I doubt I could say what I just did if my name were showing up. Stupid wishes to fit in! It's pretty obvious who I am, anyway, though (lol).
Btw, after like ... it is supposedly to say -- exactly as follows (but with less than and greater than signs instead of guillemets): 《the "s word"》. The stupid weird coding ability or whatever here maybe swiss cheesed it though! Literally, like NOBODY might get that reference. It's a gizoogle thing.
no one will get le spooky** references fo' shizzle **this a reference to UNDERTAIL because sans skeleton SPOOKY
I'm not sure if I'm being mocked or you're just being silly. Do you recall the reference I used?
Don't hate on toad. most of the reasons people hate him don't even apply to him anymore.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Not that I hated them to begin with