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one day randomouscrap and lumage go to the ice cream shop to get some delicious ice cream.
THEN, a heated argument about who should pay ensues (because both of them don't want the other to pay lol)!!
Eventually they decide to call 12me21, and have him pay for it.
fuck you I'm not paying
suddenly, someone walks into the ice cream shop.
since the someone is a human, lumage asks them to leave smilingly but it's a dangerous-feeling smilingly
the random bystander wanted ice cream though
random decides to buy them ice cream, but lumage says no because it's a human
the ice cream they ordered is actually a genie who lives in ice cream cones. He gives you three wishes for saving him from the clutches
they decide to eat the genie instead
Lumage and Random die from eating the genie.
they use the 3 wishes to resurrect themselves and also to get free ice cream
w-what how does that work The ice cream was poisoned, making Random and Lumage sick. The genie was a trickster
Using plants, Lumage cures both if their sicknesses and then Random programs an army of robots based on Lumage's designs
the robot army kills all the humans on earth the end
what a great story
>kills all the humans >dio killed humans >dio what a great jojoke
Oh... it's over? Awwh. That was fun. I've wanted to do things like this but I think nobody wanted to because I talked about the idea so weirdly...
new story
one day trinitro and 12me21 get in a fight
they were fight for over a game they played, fortnite
"I like building brown bricks in fort night" say 12me21
Trinitro looked annoyed at the misspelling of his favorite game of all time "It's 'fortnite' not 'fort night' you moron."
Then, 12me21 slammed Trinitro's face with a cardboard box, which was coincidentally the same one used in the commercial (
~~if that is their voice gosh it's adorable~~ this better strike out
strikeout in orgmode is + +strike+
"yeah but 'nite' isn't a word you hecking moron" say 12Me21 as trinitro is hit with the latest in cardboard technology
are youguys hy[pe for smash ultimate??
>>23698 kill yourself
Then a bunch of strangers come out of nowhere and start doing the fortnite dance, killing 12me from the supereffective damage.
well u see the thing about smash is that its only fun with friends and all of them (all SSB games) are basically the same but i mean they’re still fun, only with friends tho.
Pfft who has friends these days
Oh? Playing with friends is fun, I guess. I like winning more though, I think. I want orange juice.
miwa then proceeds to do the default fortnite dance in front of trinitro and 12.
>>23730 if i have to do a default fortnite dance with trin and 12 imma make it look sexy
actual miwa approves of this message^
send a video lol
miwa posts a video of the dance on sbs until they are banned :]
but suddebly there's a lot of colb water
inside the water is a genie!!
they decide to eat the genie instead
Lumage and Random die from eating the genie. +PLEASE STOP NO+
they use the 3 wishes to resurrect themselves and also to stop the story from repeating itself
it turns out that the entire world was flooded and 90% of the population was wiped out by ligma which spread through the water
they wanted to use a wish from the genie to fix this but then they remembered they ate it twice and used all six of their three wishes
>>23790 *but*, what is =l i g m a=
>>23796 Nothing much, what's up with you?
on one beautiful sunny day a bunch of fellow sbs users go to taco bell to talk about their favorite mock OS.
which is sos from ptc
"actually Jack OS is better" says 12Me21
no it's otyax because it has windows even though nothing can use the api ummm and no one on PTC cared
otyax was actually a genie and grants everyone 3 wishes
"does that mean we all get 3 each or just 3 wishes in total?"
they decide to eat the genie instead
I wish happiness' satisfaction would never decrease I wish everyone were always happy I wish I would instantly end, after those two wishes were fulfilled
but it was too late the genie was already eaten and everyone was sad forever
the sadness they felt was actually a genie who lives in sadness. He gives you three wishes for saving him
they instead to decide the eat genie
the genie was actually a genie who lives inside genies
but he eat genie so that's pretty gei
they decide to eat him instead