Sam, please see this.

The person messing with you is not me. I use this trip code when I post as of now. That person making you want to kill me is not me. ...I bet that person is here now. Please stop. Jokes are fine, but I think you're actually bothering someone. Sam, I don't hate you but I'm not going to run after you crying for forgiveness since you blocked me.
miwa I don't think you understand what he's upset about... like, at all it's not that one kland thread. this should be obvious. he thinks you've "manipulated" him this whole time on discord pretending to be friends, and on kland when you were really just talking to me (er, Y) he's really insane and disgusting everything you do is out to get him. the one thread doesn't change much.
...I don't... I just keep seeing him think I'm out to get him, I think and I heard him talk about me apparently setting traps for him here, so I just... thought. I don't understand why he would think that. I don't understand... What the heck? Why would he think those things?
clinical paranoia but I can't say where from He's also showing symptoms of the internalized backwards oppression that tends to hit majority groups as teens this decade so it may be a personalized spin off from that feeling of being attacked but that's just a gay theory and also SUPER offensive so I don't want to throw it around like a diagnosis Regardless, paranoia. He's in a state where virtually everyone is out to get him, but I can't say where you are in the timeline of that development.
I honestly thought he just hated me suddenly because I told him about something related to my gender identity. .......Ahh... I just don't have a solution. I hate when that happens. I wish I could help my friends but I don't know how. Well... thanks for ending my efforts, I guess. No more wasting my time for me.
also unblock me on discord you idiot I didn't realize you actually told him something like that first well, he's been very forthcoming about being transphobic, so I wouldn't doubt that being part of it shrug
okey doki you're unblocked lol
nnngh why do I want to waste time trying
omg sam sounds like what i imagine a deranged old person sounds like not to insult those people but ... SERIOUSLY
I'm ... so mean
Why do I act like I don't miss people when they don't like me?
Ahhh! I want to try ... Why am I ... so stupid? Why can't I accept they either don't like me or, well, can't? They said, despite how awful they think they are, that ... I would still love them. And I would indeed like to be their friend again. They're so right. I'm just ... so weak... I love my friends dearly and never want to lose a single one. I hate losing friends; I just never can admit it until they take initiative to become friends again. ALSO, TREE LADY (not to be confused with Yuuka Kazami), IF YOU'RE HERE AND LIKE ... Why do I have such an awful tone: that's not nice. Also, Lily, if you're here and worried that I'm like really down about this ... I'm really fine. But, I'll still wish these things I've expressed. But, I'm fine if I can never reach my goal, too.