humans sure are awful

no matter how you look at it, there are too many humans.
did you mean to say, "too many humans like you"?
No, I meant what I said. It isn't you in particular, but all humans.
class 1 realtip hylian sam chemicalex warrior class 2 kitesinpowerlines random_god toadisthebest chemicalex class 3 rgamesoffical shelly dfrost2
class 4 spiderlily omiwa masterrecord
I'd like to request a transfer from class 3 to another class. I feel insulted being placed in the same class as RGamesOffical. He can't even spell "Official" right in his name.
I can't even tell which class is meant to be the worst
>>24304 you can't even spell "idiot" right in your name
humans get out
>>24315 You done bud?
lol my user id is 4
My buddy toad is a higher class than RGames? Well that is good for him lol
Class 1: Second Page HTV04 Randomous
I like how I’m both tier 1 and 2. Am I tier 1.5 or something?
classes are categories, not ranks it's possible to fall into multiple. though chemicalex might belong better to class 2.
>>24623 you don't understand.