philosophy is a disease (lie)

1 like = 1 doritos donated to sam to cure his mental breakdown can we get 1 million likes? 😂😂😂
also I forgot to say that this song is really good go watch it
Oooo that song is really good. Also, +1 like
+1 like +1 more for each of my alts
What is posting on a thread?
Yeah stop, Phil!
Today I didn't go to school. I talked with my dad about my situation. I won't be going to school for the rest of the year. Instead, I'll be spending the next few months meeting psychologists and that kind of stuff (can't word it well because poor English.) So, to whoever sees me as a true friend, thanks for supporting me. I'm still very confused about everything... so I still don't want to talk.
I'm sorry to hear that, but good on you for getting help here's a cute song hopefully you get what you need and recover :) I was too much of a coward to.
Is this true?
my breathing is so moany
w1JxUXz8BD may be my new trip.
oops lilith this was not a good place to impersonate me lol
I'm a little upset that I have no idea what's going on, but I guess that's just normal.
>>Sam No, being upset is NOT normal. You need to complain about it AND go to a psychiatrist.
>>24723 shut your up??
>>24723 Don't bully Sam or je te tue!