Add to the story 2

since the other one died
one day tgaming123, answerxox, and hylianhoundoom decided they would throw a party
Hylianhoundoom got everyone excited, but then cancelled at the last minute.
tgaming123 and Answerxox thought that a party for two was kind of sad, so Answerxox came up with a great idea "Let's invite some girls from SBS!" as soon as he said it, he realized this was impossible, as SBS's female population was about as high as one would expect. So they invited the person nobody seemed to realize was a dude: Miwa.
>this story is already filled with all kinds of wrong things but miwa was stuck in the freezer
tgaming and xox came up with a plan to save miwa from the clutches of the freezer
turns out there's a lock on the freezer with a note attached to it "Dear pesky users, the h4ckers and I have taken over SmileBASIC Source! the princess is now a permanent guest at one of my 7 banned accounts! I dare you find her if you can!"
they decide to invite someone else instead
Pesticide Poison jumps out of his chair "Did someone say they needed a third wheel?" frankly he just wanted to be apart of things
and then someone noticed pesticide poison's spelling mistake and cut him apart into tiny pieces with a knife
Okay I'm loving this story please continpe [sic]
"you know what they say: all freezers freeze miwa" tgaming sayed
No one actually wanted to come to their party so they told everyone that SB 4 was being released
obviously it hadn't been released so they said they had a super special early beta pre release version
The super special early beta pre release had 5 sprites and you could only use @ loops. This made people upset.
also the only food at the party was half a box of stale crackers and tgaming had to lock the doors to stop everyone from leaving
everyone threated tgaming123 and answerxox with shadowbans