Sometimes, my parents piss me off so much that I feel like doing something irrational. What can I do to get them to stop underestimating me? I have tried all forms of talking to them.

A couple of years ago, I stole $50 from my dad's wallet, he knew beyond doubt that I was the one who stole the money. He sat me down, explained me that what I did was wrong, and if I ever wanted anything, all I had to do was ask him. I agreed, apologized and that was the end of it. 2 weeks later, I stole again a similar amount of money from my dad, again he was nice, explained me why it was wrong, and told me to turn over a new leaf. I stole again. Guess what happened then?, he beat me black and blue, broke more than 3 coat hangers on my legs, and beat me for a good ten minutes with his belt. I couldn't walk properly for a week. In my young stupid mind, I thought what he did was wrong, immoral, nasty and pure evil. I told myself no father would ever beat his child so mercilessly no matter what the child did. And yet, today I'm happy and glad that he did what he did. If he didn't do what he did, I probably wouldn't have understood that actions have consequences and would have become a petty thief. Sometimes, it feels like our parents don’t understand us and can't see things from our viewpoint. That's okay. You know why? Because they have our best interests in their hearts, they want us to be successful, to be productive and contributing members to society. They want us to be the best possible people that we can be. Today, my parents are my biggest supporters in everything that I do, they laugh with me in my times of happiness and cry with me in my times of sadness. Give it time and have a little patience, in the long run, looking back, you'll laugh at what you term now to be “problems”.
terrible reddit shitpost
terrible reddit shitpost
You sound like a fucking moron and your parents sound like horrible parents. Beating the shit out of a kid like that to me seems too easy, as in, instead of being good parents they take the easy route and beat the crap out of their own flesh and blood. You want to know what happened when I was acting like a brat? My father grabbed my arm in a forceful way and yanked me towards the car, what happened? Cops show up and question both my father and I for the next hour "Does he hurt you? You can tell us son." of course I said no, because he doesn't, but he didn't handle that situation right. If your father can't teach you not to steal without beating you black and blue, then he sounds like a shit parent and you sound delusional. If someone had noticed that your legs were black and blue, then today your parents might not be able to come within a hundred yards from you. I hope you don't have kids, now or ever because when you decide to beat them black and blue, people like me will be dialing social services.
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