Chat Module Apartment Game Idea

So like, ever person in chat has an appartment
They can place items in that appartment to give themselves certain game attributes
Likw having a higher bad deed success chance
or good deed success chance
So you can do good deeds for other people in chat, which give you both a small ammount of happiness
Or you could do a bad deed, which takes a bunch of happiness and gives you a bunch
But doing a bad deed makes people who do bad deeds to you get more happiness
what if it doesn't make me happy to help people
Also doing bad deeds has a low chance of giving you items
doing bad deeds takes happiness from people and good deeds creates hapiness for both
You can go into negative happiness (sadness) if you go below 0
items can help you to evade people doing bad deeds to you, and they give you happiness bonuses
So the bad path would give you an easy path to happiness, but no items, and if you do too many bad deeds, player interaction dwindles. People stop being able to trade items with you and good deeds will cause you to be sad
*people doing good deeds for you
And the good path would make happiness gains slower, but you get more items, and you get player interaction bonuses, such as good deeds giving you more happiness
and there can be two different leaderboards for the game, Items, and Happiness. That way the goal is split slightly, most happiness, or most items?
the main draw could be the quirky event dialog, like "ElzoBro dropped his bag of tomatoes, but lucky for him, you were there to grab his bag of tomatoes in midair via Matrix dodging! You got +100 happiness!"
Or, "Lacks was walking down the hall, when you robbed him in broad daylight. He came back home and was slightly irritated. You got a Happy Screwdriver and +115 happiness, and Lacks lost 115 happiness!"
I can write a bunch of events, and people on the site can request some too! We can make a page for it
It can be like our mini project, we can all chip in a few blurbs
Okay, so there will be a few different types of items, each will represented by an adjective
You can have 4 item slots in your apartment to gain effects from
Lucky [Object] - Increases Chance of Bad Deeds against you missing, or Bad Deeds done by you landing
Happy [Insert Object] - Increases the Happiness gained from events by +8
Pretty Sweet [Object] - Increase chance of getting items when you do good deeds, or stealing items from people when you do bad deeds
Aromatic [Object] - Increase chance of getting double items when you get an item from a good deed or steal one from a bad deed
Items stack when you have more than one of the same item, so having two happy items would give you +16 happiness per event
Also you can do 1 action every 30 seconds
Items disappear after one chat day
Energetic [Object] - Decreases your Action Cooldown time by -10
To do an action you have to pick a User to do it to
/hgamebaddeed - Do a bad deed (86% base action success)
*fixed* Lucky [Object] - Increases Chance of Bad Deeds against you missing
/hgamegooddeed - Do a good deed (90% base action success)
/hgamegive [User] [Item Type that you own]
*fixed* /hgamegooddeed [User]
*fixed* /hgamegooddeed [User]
*fixed* /hgamebaddeed [User]
/hgameitems - Look at owned items
/hgamegive [User] [Owned Item Type] - Give a user an item you own, and get happiness!
/hgamegive [User] [Owned Item Type]- Give a user an item you own and get 7 happiness!(Cooldown of 1 item per 3 minutes)
/hgamegive [User] [Owned Item Type]- Give a user an item you own and get 7 happiness!(Cooldown of 1 item per 2 minutes)
/hgamegd [User] - Do a good deed (base 90 success rate)
/hgamebd [User] - Do a bad deed (Base 82% success rate)
/hgameplaceitem [Item type] [Slot # from 1-4] - Place an item in one of your 4 slots. If an item is already in a slot you choose, it will be replaced and put back into your total items box.
/hgameitems - Look at all owned items and the items in your slots
/hgamehappyleaderboard - View a list of the Users with the top 10 happiness in chat
/hgameitemleaderboard - View a list of the Users with the top 10 happiness in chat
/hgameitemeconomy - View how many total items exist in the game
/hgamehappyeconomy - View how much total happiness exists in the game
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