4 words that could start a war (or less)

AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA Ahaushaushauhs askdmsa dasksdmaksmasmkmkmadnagshahAGHDSHahdgdhashauhudhahhadhqwnuw I really miss you all. I only left because I was so embarrassed by my behaviour that I didn't feel like I should be there. Then, it became a badge. I was thinking I should come back on Halloween. Or maybe Christmas. Or, just never. I can't really program. I like to note and think of ideas, but I never really finished a thing. Oh. That reminds me. I decided maybe I should come back when I have something to present... but... is that really gonna happen? I don't think so. 'w' I start things with surges of inspiration, only to abandon them or branch off before lots has been done. *venty stuff* I love you all, mostly (snail I don't hate you but I like to think that if I upset you enough that you'll eventually submit to me or something -- apologize for being a bully one day; then, I can be happy). Do you want me back? It's okay to say no. I'll live. I'll probably just come back anyway. 'w' This skipping is a reference to UNDERTALE at this point btw I really loved reading conversations about me all this time... but my favorite is definitely this: 12Me21[04:04]o: I want to live somewhere colder than here 12Me21[04:04]o: hmm if I was miwa i'd say something like "I hope I freeze to death someday, that sounds nice"
Ok I haven't counted yet, but I have a suspicion that there are more than 4 words here...
Four words to start a war: “Ur gei” “No u”
If you came back to the site you’d fit right back in because 90% of the users don’t even use SB anymore
>>24505 i mean, they're not wrong
but like you told me not to maybe
I hate Smash Melee.
posting in the wrong thread
come back sweetie
if you're lily please stay out of this thread
I have not participated once in this thread and I did not plan to. Please stop assuming I have when I clearly have not. I already told you I hadn't. If you want proof, ask Lumage to check the ips. Sorry.
hating smash melee can start a war A FLAMEwar!
BUT YOU LOOKED AT IT also before you made your post just now you were planning to also i said please don't i didn't say you already did
probably my least favorite thread rn
OMG THEN GET OUT LOL You're literally here watching the star crossed juliets to complain
>>24596 nnever say that again
lets play smash miwa
i am going to