Spanish is really fuckin' easy if you just give it a little bit of fucking attention and want to learn this shit. Get it? The fuckin' spanish alphabet is like the same shit as in English, except less stupid. instead of all your goddamn different sounds for the letters like in fucking English you have letters that make the same sound almost always. Almost fuckin' always, understand? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ Almost the same fuckin' letters. They just have different names. Ah, Beh, Seh, Deh, fuckin' Efe, Geh, Hache, EEEE, Jota, Ka, Ele, Eme, Ene, Enye, O, Peh, Koo, Erre, and you better fuckin' trill that R you bitch, Ese, Teh, Oo, Uve or Ve do i like look like I fuckin' care, Doble Ve because unlike in fuckin' English fuckin' Sanchez over here knows that a fuckin' W doesn't look like two Us, Equis, I Griega, and fuckin' Zeta. Same fuckin' shit except it sounds like Japanese or something instead of the degeneracy in English. In Spanish you've got the same fuckin' parts of speech as in English. Your pronouns and nouns and verbs and all that bullshit. Most of it's the same fuckin' thing, but verbs are different, understand? In Spanish you have like 8 fuckin' verbs that matter and the rest are nonsense you can look up whenever it comes up. But there are three types of verbs and really only two that fuckin' matter. Those are -ar verbs and -er/-ir verbs. They're fuckin' called that because that's how they end in the fuckin' infinitive form. The difference between the two groups is how you conjugate this shit. -AR VERBS AND -ER/-IR VERBS CONJUGATE DIFFERENTLY, UNDERSTAND? Let's look at a simple fuckin' verb, amar. It means fuckin' --To Love-- like in fuckin' fairy tales or whatever. Got it? In Spanish, you don't need two fuckin' words to describe the action, it's just the fuckin' infinitive. You probably noticed that amar is a fuckin' -ar verb by now. If you wanna say that you like to fuckin' love things, like you're fuckin' Omiwa or something, all you have to say is --me gusta amar--. I like to love. That's all it is. Fuckin' dead simple. In Spanish we have tenses, just like in fuckin' English. But unlike in English it's just fuckin' built into the verb, you don't have to deal with bullshit like --I used to-- or --I had begun-- or --I will--. But each tense is another fuckin' conjugation. So we'll just look at the fuckin' present tense. There are six conjugations for a tense, and they match the perspective and number of the subject. To describe them, we first have to learn some fuckin' pronouns. I - Yo You - Tú He/She/You (Formal) - Él/Ella/Usted We - Nosotros You all - Vosotros They - Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes A few fuckin' things to point out here. We can split these into a table Person ] Singular Plural First ] Yo Nosotros Second] Tú Vosotros Third ] Él/Ella/Ud. Ellos/Ellas/Uds. Or in fuckin' English Person ] Singular Plural First ] I We Second] You You all Third ] He/She They Also, no one uses fuckin' vosotros. Except Spain. That's bullshit. Don't use it. So how do you conjugate fuckin' amar? The regular conjugations for fuckin'-ar verbs in the present tense looks like this. -o -amos -as -áis -a -an Like I fuckin' said you don't have to care about fuckin' áis though. So to conjugate this shit all you do is drop the -ar and attach one of the fuckin' endings. --I love-- is just fuckin' --amo-- Understand? Fuckin' Simple. The regular -er/-ir verbs are just another fuckin' chart. -o -emos -es -éis -e -en But -er and -ir verbs have the SAME FUCKIN' CONJUGATIONS. THAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT, UNDERSTAND? Same fuckin' shit.