Ice Fairy, Pokemon Yellow, Chemistry & Curses, Lax Incense; Gary I wish they liked me. I really hate knowing people who don't; I wish...
See everyone, this is another of those vague posts that make me think [] is sending me a message.
It is not only about you, silly.
I'm saying that every single time I've felt this way it was never actually about me, so logically this isn't about me either. I'm just making sure the OP knows there was something delusional about their message.
it's like one fifth about you lol it's [sam, randomous, chem, lacks, and snail], for those that aren't smart.
>>25107 :GWfroggyWeSmart: I thought it was pretty obvious... Sometimes I forget even my "obvious" might not be obvious to others /.w.\
Kirby maker.