Windows Of The Soul

Oh the ache I feel To see through the windows Through perfect black glass With a golden brown frame The purest walls plastered around A peice of beauty shared With every glance Oh the ache I feel To see through the windows From mine
it's ok
Which version of windows is this? Windows XP?
>>25146 Windows Whistler
windows edgy
Windows Me
Windows 2019 edition
Windows Banana
Windows 50
I look through my goddamn window. These fuckers are at it again, tearing down fences and kicking over trashcans. That's it. I've had enough. I stomp out, brandishing a metal bat. "TODD, YOU BETTER STOP FUCKING WITH OUR SHIT!" Out of nowhere, he came running at me with a wooden club. He swung once, and everything went dark. I woke up to the jarring sensations of being bounced around. Opening my eyes, I noticed that my hands were tied with rope, and that I was in a wagon. Three other men were in the wagon with me. Suddenly, one spoke up. "Hey you, you're finally awake." >JUST FUCKING STOP, TODD!!