Text Editor Screenshots Thread

Environment: Windows subsystem for Linux, Win10/Kali Editor: GNU Emacs Font: Droid Sans Mono (18pt. bold) Theme: Solarized Dark Extras: Powerline, custom font-lock config
Environment: Windows 10 Editor: Calculator Font: Segoe UI Semibold Theme: Default Extras: None
Environment: Linux Editor: GNU Emacs 26 Theme: Northcode Extras: Telephoneline
env: w10 editor: vscode font: ubuntu mono theme: default dark theme extras: idk i changed the settings so all the annoying ui things vscode has by default were out of the way
Env: Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon Editor: Emacs Font: Monospace Regular Theme: custom Extras: Powerline and some custom config
Environment:3DS Editor:SmileBASIC Default Font:SB Default font Theme:Default Extras:None