Sonic 2 Enhanced

A very early in development rom hack
this sucks go dye yourself
This is not even finished yet
Getting closer to a Sunset Background
Still some blue in the water (And the blue is not Sonic)
EHZ Palette is complete (For now, it may change in the future)
Fixed Copyright Text
this still sucks go dye yourself
I hope this works :/
The game did not crash :D
CPZ is even more pink!!!
but what is enhanced?
Hey, atm959 is the master at 68k ASM here. I'm only a beginner
Aquatic Ruins Zone now has snow!
Fixed Level Select, I had to move the jmp command
Okay. It's okay to disapprove of someone's work, but telling random people online to die is unnecessary and cruel.
>>25674 You're the only one who has used the word die in this entire thread
this sucks go dye yourself
I dont have any red dye XD
Sorry lol i just tell people to dye sometimes but i mean it as a death threat lol not everyone is me tho
>>25691 But what if you actually want to talk about dye? Wouldn't that be confusing?
Casino Night Zone is red now!
he dyed it red guys
holy shit he died it red
red dye :o
did anyone notice tails is yawning in almost every shot
tails doesnt want to be here
Tails just needs some rest :P
This is not the true RGames, its a faker.
Oof... This is not the true RGames, its a faker.
The true RGames would have 3OSugG43sx as his Trip
The true RGames would have 3OSugG43sx as his Trip
(oof... I got it wrong twice)
I can edit Level Layouts now!
That's not me!!! Also what's with the random letters by your name?
Its the code that tells if I am real or not. Clearly its 3OSugG43sx so I am real
I have had trouble with people impersonating me. So I invented the REAL CODE!
I think I might do sonic 4 next
It has to be Red
die it red
>>25879 Well then KYS
wow ok
NO! The TRUE RGames has this trip!
it is i the true rgames
It is I, the OFFICAL rgames.
Kill Yourself
hi, the OFFICAL rgames, I'm dad!
Hi, dad, I'm grandad
Hi grandad, I'm great Grandad