Super Ralsei / Ralsei The Monster Poll thread!

Should I make a Super Mario Bros. hack where you play as Ralsei (Super Ralsei) or Ralsei The Monster, a Hack of Sonic The Hedgehog (winning hack's dev thread coming when poll ends I guess)
sonic 7 grand dad enhanced
snoc one
>> #26712 Is this McDonald's?
>#26714 No, this is. Patrick.
>>26714 Oops an extra full stop and I forgot how to use the quote rhinf
>>26715 *Thing Why did I cancel the correct autocorrect?
NO THREADJACKING. Now I will try to get the real admin to delete your posts.
>26717 Oh no
>>26718 Try remembering how to quote and that also goes for that post too
I'm not fluffy...
>>26856 You aren't Ralsei! I Am Ralsei!
>>27020 No you aren't.
>>27069 You aren't even the previous Ralsei
>>26700 Poll end. I'm making Ralsei the Monster since no-one voted.