SB Myths

In this thread i will see if certain challenges in SB games can be completed. SB Myth #1:Can you beat Cave Island without pressing B?
As much as it pains me to say it, The Cave Island No B run is... M I S S I O N F A I L E D
Get the #1 high score in spooky tetris
>>27279 M I S S I O N A C C E P T E D
>>27313 In case you couldn't read it, it says "It's possible but i suck"
SB Myth #3: Can you beat Lumage Dating Sim without studying?
>>27349 Oops forgot to input nickname and trip
LDS can be beaten without studying Decent Strategy: Raise your charm to 32 Do farmwork until your strength is 21 Make the delinquent run away Continue farmwork until you have 20 euros Go to the shop Buy an enter key Go to the barn and hit "press enter lumage" Talk to lumage twice a day When lumage realizes it's contest month, Start programming daily until the 30th On the 30th, go to the mountain and hit "Submit decent game". If it's greyed out, you have to start again. It worked for me so you know what that means, M I S S I O N C O M P L E T E !
My high score in Spooky Tetris is around 11000 I think
can you beat lds without working on a program at all?
>>27790 Only if you consider the woke ending to be beating it
seriously why not try not working on a program and going to the contest anyways?
myth: space quiz works