PuzZLE - A puzzle game-thing

19, 15, 14, 9, 3 Hint:Answer gives trip code w7yu6AuBO8 Prize for this round: 1 point
pro tip: don't make the key inconsistent the puzzle gives no indication that each part is not the same
>>17426 Wrong. Hint 2:a=1, z=26
>>27427 It's some A=1, Z=26 stuff lol Oh and btw only the first digit is capitalized
>the first digit is capitalized that's what I'm saying I tried to point it out without giving it away but
there's no indication that one of the letters is capitalized, and it's pointless to guess
Current point table [Anonymouses:1] I'll let the someone else start the next puzzle
New Puzzle! d y w a s c ? t a i c ~ i t t - t t o t y ! Tell who sang this, and you’ll get a puzzle point!
>>27435 Nope.
yes it is google said so
>>27437 okay, you win team/name | points ------------------ Anonymouses|1 flat chest |1
that was bad [Anonymouses:1] [flat chest:1]
For one Puzzle point, Who sang these three lines? Trust my feelings, got to Live & Learn I know with some luck that I'll make it through, Got no other options, only one thing to do!
crush 40, i knew that by heart but you know people can just stick the lyrics into google right
>>27455 Yes, but what member of that band?
hold on let me google it
tony harnell thanks google