come back

i miss you guys
Who? Not everyone left.
it's just sad that a sizable lot of the community members have left, not to mention that there barely is any SmileBASIC related content made on this site anymore. it's dying, and it's hard to accept that it probably won't be the same until the SB4 release; which I doubt there will be an American localized version for a very long time. it's still nice and comfy talking to Y, 12me, chicken, miwa, tip, and others. A nice bunch who I've grown to fall in love with. I just am a little paranoid of the future.
This is kland, not the main website.
>>27633 yeah, but kland is more offtopic and this feels like this doesn't belong on a forum post
I still lurk a bit, not very much anymore. I'm pretty sure nobody who was with me on SB only (As in, didn't talk to me on Discord or something) remembers me or even cares that I'm gone so eh. But I should finish the SB thing I'm working on at least tbf.
Most by lurking on Kland I mean ^
>>27727 i assume you're pesticide? hope you're holdin up well
I only chat uwu ♡
>>28359 I'm surprised you got that, yep. And I am not holding up well at all unfortunately.
>>28383 Neither is space quiz, I've heard